RCU Members

See "Downloads" below for the 2024 Registration form and practice schedule
Performance Information

• Final Rehearsal (7:00pm) | Be there by 6:30 pm so we can find seats, practice coming in, etc. (you do not need to wear concert dress)
• Saturday Concert (3:00pm) Be there by 2:00 pm and ready to warm up
• Sunday Concert (3:00 pm) Be there by 2:00 pm and ready to warm up
• Parking | Please park in the Freeman School lot just north of Emmanuel, or the south end of the Nicholson Hardware lot, so that our patrons can use the Emmanuel Lutheran parking lot.
RCU Members
Professional Choir Etiquette | Do's
• Wear Concert Dress (All Black)
• Be ready to stand or sit during the performance
• Lift up your score so that you can see the conductor
• Sing the words with meaning
• Wear simple jewelry
• Refrain from wearing strong perfume or aftershave
• Have cough drops already unwrapped
• Drink water only at intermission, except in an emergency
• Turn off cell phone
• Sit if you feel faint

Professional Choir Etiquette | Don'ts
• Carry large, colorful handbag (a small black bag is fine)
• Chew gum
• Text, take pictures or videos
• Leave your seat at intermission
• Turn pages while soloists are singing
• Talk during the performance (wait for intermission)