From Our Conductor…

From Our Conductor…
Greetings All!
It seems like it’s been forever since we sang last year. It always does–so much has happened in the last ten months that it’s been a blur! However, so much has been imprinted in my head from last November’s performance. Lots of great musical things happened. Yes, we had to wear masks; yes, we had to stay socially distanced; yes, we had to rehearse in different locations. I remember telling you that the performance was going to be our best, and I personally think that it was! The choir came prepared, the soloists were in top form, and the orchestra sounded better than it ever had. I remember saying on Sunday how proud I was of all we had accomplished. I still am! The 75th Anniversary of the Rockford Choral Union’s Messiah was one for the books. 

How do we make this even better for our 76th? I am hoping to add more chorus numbers back in this year. The feeling I got from our choir last year was a “Can Do” attitude like I’ve never seen. The musical commitment I felt last year was exhilarating, and I would personally love to see that kind of commitment again this year! Community musicians and non-musicians came up to me to express how meaningful (and musical) the performances were. Our soloists have all told me how much they want to be involved. They have been psyched about singing again since early this spring. The orchestra, led by Rachel Handlin, will be even better. My biggest hope is that as a core group of singers, you will return and bring more singers to round out the sections. I have always wanted to present Messiah with a small group of 45+ singers, and I would love to double that number if we can this year. 

What continues to drive me is not only the commitment from all involved, but the mission of this group: to bring the message of God and His Son, Jesus, to the people in our community. Through the Holy Spirit, Handel was inspired to tell the story through music that uplifts and inspires all that hear it. We are the fortunate ones who get to bring this message through song and music. I hope that I will see many of you when we start rehearsals soon. I look forward to working with you!

Mike Beert

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